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From helicopters to cars

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Building set: Choose a building set of some typedepending on your childs age, it can be robotic, including moving parts, or a classic building toy like plastic or wooden blocks. Kid 8 and up can use a standard sized rod. Skateboard, skates, or scooter: Depending on his age, one of these fun and functional transport devices is a great addition, and will be sure to encourage physical activity. Remote control anything: Boys of all agesincluding grown ups, love to play with remote control toys. Yoga block Manufacturers Tent or Tunnel: Offer a pop up tent or tunnel, and allow your son to use his imagination. Depending on where you live, you can go fishing, shrimping, or crabbingthe one on one quiet time you will have together is just as important as the catch of the day! A tent can become a fort, a spacecraft, or even a play house, all in a single day.

Fishing gear: Supply your son with his own fishing rod and tackle box. Look for a storage set specifically designed for cars or action figures, or select and decorate a large tackle box. Little kids will enjoy using a smaller sized rod featuring their favorite characters. Consider a basketball hoop, soccer goal, or for the little ones, a t ball set. Storage for cars or action figures: Little boy toys like cars and action figures are great for prompting pretend play and role playingbut the small pieces get scattered everywhere. Look for a tent or tunnel that folds compactly for easy storage. If you buy one of these items, be sure to supply the proper safety equipment, and explain the rules for use as well. If your son is interested in dinosaurs, check out an exhibit, attend a dino talk, and have lunch at a local museum, and pick up a souvenir at the gift shop as a reminder of the day. Sports Equipment: This may seem obvious, but a sports set with equipment of the right size (scaled down for little guys, regulation sized for big kids), will keep your child motivated and moving. Visit a zoo or museum: Have some one on one time with your child at a zoo or museum.

From helicopters to cars, and airplanes to boats, you can find a fun remote control toy that your son will enjoy. Take in a Sports Event: If you have a local major or minor league team, spend a day together at a sports event. Either way, make sure you purchase a large set with lots of pieces, and make some space for your builder to work. Boys can be tough to buy forespecially if you already have every action figure ever made! Don t buy another video game, just because you can t think of anything else! Consider one of these kid tested ideas for your next boy gift: Your house will look better, and your son will be more likely to play with his cars if they are all in the same accessible place. If your child has an interest in a particular sport, attending a real match or game can be a very inspiring experience for him. . Pottery set: You can buy a kit that comes with everything you need to make your own potterythis very messy activity appeals to boys with an interest in art, and helps foster creativity. Alternatively, provide art materials like paint, paper, and canvas to encourage creativity.

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